• Are you interested in:
•Increasing your vertical jump? 
•Enhancing your running speed? •Boosting your explosive power?
•Building strength?

Gaining flexibility and balance?
•Accelerating your rehabilitation process? 

If your answer is yes, then Fast Twitch Athletics is the perfect solution for you. Fast Twitch is the ultimate state-of-the-art machine for physical conditioning, sports training, research, and rehabilitation. It is the only machine in the world that combines multiple functions and joints, utilizing dynamic velocity technology to adjust resistance or speed in a single movement. This computer-controlled hydraulic device measures, responds, and adapts to each athlete, ensuring optimal performance. Here at Fast Twitch Athletics we not only focus on physical performance but also mental performance. FastTwitch is guaranteed to unlock the full potential of every athlete. Here at Fast Twitch Athletics we focus on isokinetics, circuit training and yoga!